Benjamin Valerio

Once I asked this person, why he did not socialize with other filipinos at work who specially to those who are younger. He replied that he is old and he had kids. With younger people he did not like to talk about girls and music; and while with other seniors co-workers, he talked about kids and their education. Benjamin: I called him Benji, was a my coworker in ESL department. He joined the same year I joined so we were the one of the pioneer staff at the institute. We were accommodated in the same building. His room was in front … Continue reading Benjamin Valerio

What is our Universe made of.

If an alien managed to visit our Universe from a parallel reality, there is a high chance they would not even notice we exist. In a way that’s obvious: the Universe is enormous and our planet is but a small, pale blue dot. But it’s worse than that: the aliens might not even notice all the stars and the planets that orbit them. They could even miss the vast clouds of dust that float through space. All these familiar things only make up a fraction of the matter in our Universe. The rest is something else, a material that nobody … Continue reading What is our Universe made of.

Aslam Bhai

 Aslam Bhai! I had been there for one year when I met Aslam bhai in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia. He was born and raised in Bombay; however, he was and came to Saudis Arab from Hyderabad Deccan. And then he amused me with his accent for next eight years. He was very helping and facilitating. He was working as electrician for the maintenance company at the institute. He was at night shift. I often used to ask him to stay in my room until I fell sleep. And in doing so, often he felt asleep. His brother got the … Continue reading Aslam Bhai

Humaira Bachal – The light of Moach Goth, Karachi

The Karachi Walla   City Portraits – Humaira Bachal – The light of Moach Goth, Karachi. Photo and Text by SaFire: Find Original Post here Let me introduce you to twenty two year old Humaira Bachal. The first time I saw her was in the Heroes Session of the Rahbar Program of the Citizens Foundation (“TCF”). Rahbar is a program which focuses on the development of students studying in TCF schools as responsible individuals and productive members of society. In this program individuals from all walks of life spend time with eight and ninth graders studying in various schools in the cities, … Continue reading Humaira Bachal – The light of Moach Goth, Karachi

‘Wife-sharing’ haunts villages short of girls

Baghpat: When Munni arrived in this fertile, sugarcane-growing region of north India as a young bride years ago, little did she imagine she would be forced into having sex and bearing children with her husband’s two brothers who had failed to find wives. “My husband and his parents said I had to share myself with his brothers,” said the woman in her mid-40s, dressed in a yellow sari, sitting in a village community centre in Baghpat district in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. “They took me whenever they wanted — day or night. When I resisted, they beat me … Continue reading ‘Wife-sharing’ haunts villages short of girls

O my Lord!

Starting the very first word in blog, I am the guy who wish for a forest but was sent lost in a desert, I am the guy who always gets joy among others, but is learning solitude. Writing to blog is somehow, strange. One does not exactly know his audience, but one thing is sure, the audience is terrestrial, not extra terrestrial. O my Lord, I always sigh, please pardon me all the things that you did not like about me. The deeds i did intentionally or occurred by me, please pardon me, forgive me, wipe all that you do … Continue reading O my Lord!