Aslam Bhai

Aslam Bhai Aslam Bhai!

I had been there for one year when I met Aslam bhai in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia. He was born and raised in Bombay; however, he was and came to Saudis Arab from Hyderabad Deccan. And then he amused me with his accent for next eight years. He was very helping and facilitating.

He was working as electrician for the maintenance company at the institute. He was at night shift. I often used to ask him to stay in my room until I fell sleep. And in doing so, often he felt asleep.

His brother got the visa and job for him after spending some thousands of riyal. He had to pay back that amount. It took him six years to pay back that amount. Six years of his life were gone working in the industrial city of Jubail and he did not save any good amount for him. I used to advise him to go back and settle in his home town in his country, India.

He listened to my words and made a try. He went on vacation for four months. After a lot of hard work and search, he found a shop and opened his electrical shop. To his bad luck, neighborhood was not good. Some drunk and drug addicts used to sit beside his shop at the Thalla ( step for sitting). It was their area; and he was stranger. According to unwritten and understood law of culture of street, he had to quit rather kicking them out; and so did he.

He came back to Saudi Arab for one more year.


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