Benjamin Valerio

Once I asked this person, why he did not socialize with other filipinos at work who specially to those who are younger. He replied that he is old and he had kids. With younger people he did not like to talk about girls and music; and while with other seniors co-workers, he talked about kids and their education.

Benjamin: I called him Benji, was a my coworker in ESL department. He joined the same year I joined so we were the one of the pioneer staff at the institute. We were accommodated in the same building. His room was in front of mine. We often had wonderful chat. I learned a lot from him. It was my pleasure to know that before coming to Saudia he was an established writer in his home country Philippines.

He was a very good teacher and loved by his students. He taught hundreds of Saudi students and all of them remember him in very good words.  He was a very simple. down to earth person. I never see him using any smart phone. I also didnt notice any picture of his family member in his room.Upon asking, he replied that he did not want to miss them a lot by putting photos of his kids on the wall.

He left the job same year I left. Now he is in home town running business of antiques. I really wish to see him once again.


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